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TransCanada Utilities is Ontario’s premier underground locating service provider. TCU is a dynamic Canadian company providing Locates and GPS mapping  that is rapidly expanding across Canada. These services are provided to the utilities industries; including contractors, commercial and private land owners as well as cities/towns.

Our vision is to be the most trusted partner in damage prevention. Our number one objective is to serve you and your firm as conveniently as possible for a truly efficient job.

We are equipped to handle all of your underground utility locating needs. Our technicians are rigorously trained and field tested to ensure we are providing the best and safest services.


TCU is your utility compliance and solutions partner. Our experienced teams incorporate the most advanced technology ensuring quality and reliability. Utility companies and infrastructure owners depend on our oversight and precision to protect their valued assets in ground.


We provide the horizontal locations of existing detectable buried utilities and structures.

As part of our services we provide:
Full documentation Review of as-built/constructions drawings, public locates, investigation and surveys.

These include:
Public utility locates
Property boundaries and demarcations
Identifying utilities building mechanical and service utility rooms
Identifying which utilities are public and which are private.

We utilize active, passive and inductive locate methods to locate the horizontal location of private detectable buried utilities.

These utilities are identified with the international colour codes.

Detailed electronic sketches are provided in real time for the convenience of the excavator and the utility owner.

Our systems provides a full 360 feedback in accordance with Ontario bill 8 law. The seamless communication ensures compliance and reliable returns on all requests.


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    Phone: 1-888-647-5650

    Email: locates@transcanadautilities.com